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Led Zeppelin – Signed Double Neck Epiphone Guitar


Signing description: Jimmy signed this guitar for Bryan due to an unbelievable experience Bryan had one night in February 2005. Bryan was waiting alone on a quiet street in West Hollywood awaiting Jimmy Page to come back to his hotel. Jimmy arrived with his assistant and personal photographer Ross Halfin in a silver Jaguar that Jimmy had rented for his stay in Los Angeles. When they exited the car, The car alarm had sounded and both Jimmy and his friend Ross, could not figure out how to disengage the alarm. Alas, a great opportunity presented itself for Bryan, who offered his assistance and was able to silence the alarm. Thus, Jimmy Page thanked Bryan and agreed this one time to sign this guitar and take a very cool picture with Jimmy pointing at Bryan (see picture below) in the photo. A truly unforgettable experience of Bryan with The great Jimmy Page.

Amazon never ceases to amaze me. Nevermind the price tag unless your in the  $17,500.00 price range.  Seems like they have everything. I saw this price tag and it just goes to show you that there’s nothing that Amazon won’t sell. Check out this guitar and other signature guitars !!