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Led Zeppelin – Signed Double Neck Epiphone Guitar


Signing description: Jimmy signed this guitar for Bryan due to an unbelievable experience Bryan had one night in February 2005. Bryan was waiting alone on a quiet street in West Hollywood awaiting Jimmy Page to come back to his hotel. Jimmy arrived with his assistant and personal photographer Ross Halfin in a silver Jaguar that Jimmy had rented for his stay in Los Angeles. When they exited the car, The car alarm had sounded and both Jimmy and his friend Ross, could not figure out how to disengage the alarm. Alas, a great opportunity presented itself for Bryan, who offered his assistance and was able to silence the alarm. Thus, Jimmy Page thanked Bryan and agreed this one time to sign this guitar and take a very cool picture with Jimmy pointing at Bryan (see picture below) in the photo. A truly unforgettable experience of Bryan with The great Jimmy Page.

Amazon never ceases to amaze me. Nevermind the price tag unless your in the  $17,500.00 price range.  Seems like they have everything. I saw this price tag and it just goes to show you that there’s nothing that Amazon won’t sell. Check out this guitar and other signature guitars !!

Breaking the Wallet Barriers !!!

One of my biggest hurdles were my finances. I looked at which option better fit my situation. I must admit I really didn’t feel comfortable buying  my Bass guitar online and I still don’t recommend you doing so. But in case you work a lot like myself  purchasing online seems to be the answer. I’ve tried some at the store and there were some I didn’t try. However  almost all of these Bass guitars have great ratings and were easy on the pocket book. Not only that they also had style and quality for the money.  I will continue to periodically up date these as time progresses. In addition , I’m currently working on my own line of  Bass Guitars. Trying to keep quality and affordability in mind. Think about it, how many guitarist do you know that’s rocking with a lot of change in their pocket? It’s not many. The ones I know are broke. Very talented but funds hold them back on a lot of the gear they need. We all like a nice looking guitar but the proof is in the pudding !! Why does quality have to be so expensive ?  It doesn’t when your on a budget, not anymore. I am determined to make quality peace’s that even the brokest can afford and will appreciate.

Check out the links for further details.

Ibanez GSR200SM 4-String Bass Guitar

  You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good-looking, easy-playing, great-sounding bass guitar. The Ibanez GSR200SM is a prime example. You get a rock solid maple neck with rosewood fretboard, a mahogany body with maple top, quality pickups and electronics and an attractive finish that will instill a real pride of ownership. It is a well-made bass, with all of the refinement and design excellence that come along with any Ibanez product.The Ibanez DXH-5 pickups are broad in terms of response and have great dynamic range. Add to that the dual volume controls and the tone control, and you get a wide selection of available tones.

Maxam 43″ Electric Bass Guitar.

Priced affordably for the rockstar – in – the – making! Or if your just on a budget. This 4-string Bass: 2 tone control; Volume control; Phone jack; Strap buttons; 2 Allen wrenches; Amp cord; 11 lbs.; Maxam 43″ Electric Bass Guitar is a great choice and won’t break the bank.


 Metal Man Series of basses

Dean Introduces the Metal Man Series of basses. These metal machines are build for heavy bass sound, killer looks and attitude! Available in ML, V, Z and Demonator shapes, these basses come in Classic Black and feature Basswood bodys, Maple necks and big pole Dean pickups. The Metalman 2A Series offer active Dual Dean Pickups, Skull Knobs and Red Saw blade Inlays. Classic Black will always match the outfit! MetalMan Bass ML, V, Z and Demonator ~Basswood Body ~34″ scale ~Maple Neck ~Pearl Dot Inlays ~Rosewood Fingerboard ~Die Cast Tuners ~V Headstock ~Black Hardware ~Die Cast Bridge ~Dean Big Pole Pickup ~Classic Black only

Dean Edge Bass Guitar, 10 with Active PJ Pickups, Classic White   

 Dean introduces new for 2009 the best value in active pickups on a bass guitar. Dean Edge 10A PJ Bass features ~Basswood Body ~36″ Scale ~Maple Neck ~Rosewood Fingerboard ~Pearl DOT Inlays ~Die Cast Tuners ~Black Hardware ~Die Cast Bridge ~Dean PJ Active EQ Pickups 


Bass Guitar Layout

Posted: 02/16/2015 in Bass Guitars

Learning More and More

I’ve been away for awhile because their were some things I wanted to go over before reposting another blog. In the past month I’ve been re evaluating my playing methods. I recently restarted playing the Bass guitar. Being self tought I was a bit reluctant to change the way I address my learning. Turns out I don’t know squat !!!!  Sure I can mimic just about anything you put in front of me. But I asked myself, as I did 20+ years ago, NOW WHAT ? Where do I go from here ? I been doing some research and watching and reading other blogs and I must say I still have a lot to learn.


Being an inpatient person, I never wanted to take lessons but I couldn’t understand what the teacher could possibly could teach me. ( Yes I know, I was on my hi-horse ) ! I thought I was somebody just because when I played years ago I was a highly sought out bass player. I got in to this band and that band,but I lacked creativity. I had it, it was in me but because I knew so much and never followed through with the lessons I knew I needed, I eventually crushed myself out and got frustrated and stopped playing. As I mentioned before I LET life get in the way. Terrible excuse because today it is my escape !

I can’t get over how everything’s so Greek to me. Yes I can build guitars and I love playing them but as far as reading notes and basic improvising I have found myself struggling. So I have posted things that’s been so helpful for me to get better with my challenges from other bloggers and I must say things are improving. Now when I improvise it doesn’t sound like whatever band I’m into at the time. Finally creativity has been released. Notice I said released. I thing we all have creativity in us. Like me you may need a little guides finding your way. I go back and forth from plucking to a pick. I am still trying to find which is more comfortable for me since I am learning the proper ways of playing.

The Order of Musical Notes

Knowing the sequence of musical notes is basic to understanding how to play music. On a bass guitar, each note (including sharps, #, and flats, ♭ó) is one fret, or a half step, away from the note next to it. Knowing how to read music is not nearly as important to bass players as it is for classical musicians. However, if you have a basic understanding of chords and scales and memorize the order of the notes for your bass guitar, it will go a long way toward helping you know how to place your fingers when someone shouts for an “E” or an “A.”



                                                              Courtesy of Bass Guitars for Dummies….