Dave Mustaine is an awesome human being


                   Dave Mustaine ,awesomeness…

I can’t get enough of Dave Mustaine & Megadeth. He is truly an Icon. In spite of all his pros and so called cons I respect him in the up most. I recently stumbled on a interview he had with Alex Jones and Info Wars that was published  2 years ago on YouTube. If you didn’t catch it, it’s a must see. He touches on Satanism, Polotics and being  a Heavy Metal artist that’s been Born Again . It made me look at him different and for the first time I see him as a person not just an artist.

Check out Info Wars Video ,Take a Look:

Anyway I’ve been listening to Megadeth and Metallica since their beginning. But one thing about Metal it only gets better over time. Just like a fine Wine. So Kudos to you Dave !!!! And  Metallica, You Better Come Correct. Non of that Black album Bs BRING IT    !!!!!

Now what do think ?

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